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A good photograph tells a story. But it tells a slightly different story to every viewer. Open to Interpretation's publications have launched to great critical acclaim and have provided a venue for photographers and writers from all over the world an opportunity to have their work published in a remarkable collection of images and words.


Note from Clare O'Neill, publisher:
Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted to our open calls for entry. I regret to tell you that Love + Lust is the last in the Open to Interpretation series. It was truly an honor to look at all your images and read your words. My heart is filled with gratitude that so many photographers and writers believed enough in our publication to submit your work.
I have met so many wonderful people along the way (with over 2300 individuals submitting their work from over 29 countries and 45 states) and am so proud of the four beautiful books that were published.
This has been a great project, but it's now time to put my energy into my own photography and my photo encaustic work. If you are interested in learning more about the photo encaustic process please connect with me at www.PhotoEncaustic.com.
Please know that we still have Water's Edge and Fading Light books available to purchase.
Wishing you all the best in your continued success. 





Open to Interpretation: Love + Lust
   Hardcover, 96 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches
   31 color images: 62 interpretations
   ISBN: 978-0-9848064-3-0
Open to Interpretation: Fading Light
   Hardcover, 96 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches
   32 color images: 64 interpretations
   ISBN: 978-0-9848064-2-3
Open to Interpretation: Intimate Landscape
   Hardcover, 94 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches
   30 color images: 60 interpretations
   ISBN: 978-0-9848064-1-6
  Open to Interpretation: Water's Edge
   Hardcover, 92 pages, 10.5 x 11 inches
   32 color images: 64 interpretations
   ISBN: 978-0-9848064-0-9

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